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Sheila Nightwine

Director of Finance

Sheila began working with Steve when he was serving as President of the Memphis Life Underwriters Association in 1988. Through the Association functions, Sheila gained experience in managing multiple tasks that included budgeting and financial reporting that would later assist her in her current position with Insurance Consulting Group Inc.

Joining Insurance Consulting Group Inc. in December of 2000, Sheila oversees all financial matters related to the operation of the agency. This position includes handling accounts receivable/payable, payroll, commissions, and auditing. She is also responsible for developing and initiating new systems, policies and procedures for transacting financial matters. She ensures that the financial data is accurate, efficient, and maintained in accordance with professional accounting practices and governmental regulations in-force. Sheila is required to meet regularly with the CPA and banking professionals to provide up-to-date reporting to all needed entities.

Contact Sheila Nightwine at: snightwine@employeebenefits.com

Direct Phone # 901-260-6444


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