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Today, employers are struggling to keep up with the increased workload and complexities of benefits enrollment, administration, and ACA compliance. Whereas traditional brokers simply managed renewal quotes, smart employers have come to expect more - a new breed of broker - Insurance Consulting Group, Inc. By greatly expanding our standard services, we make it easy for you to offer better employee benefits while growing your company’s bottom line. Through our focus on cost management, creating efficiencies and technology, we can usher you into a new realm of administrative organization, compliance, and simpler burden-free benefits and HR support.
Think Benefits Beyond Simply Benefits. Managing employee benefits isn’t getting any easier. As regulations tighten, complexities deepen, and costs rise, the goal of harmoniously increasing employee satisfaction with company revenue becomes a formidable challenge. That’s why ICG, Inc. takes a comprehensive approach through our Benefits Strategic Planning process, which carefully assess the priorities of both employer and employee, to develop a long-term plan. 360 Strategy / 365 Service A partnership with Insurance Consulting Group means your organization’s benefits performance is continuously examined and addressed from every angle throughout the entirety of our relationship—not just during plan initiation and renewal. This means that you experience results-driven service and strategy all year long. After all, your business doesn’t take a break… so why should your benefits partner?
Sleep Better At Night. We Lighten The Weight Of Compliance. One part maze, one part jigsaw puzzle, and three parts headache, staying compliant is one of the most complicated and constantly evolving aspects of managing a business. With new laws regularly imposed and current ones frequently modified, getting compliant requires education, expertise, experience, and (most importantly) action. Insurance Consulting Group, Inc., provides you the guidance and tools to help you navigate the shifting seas of benefits regulations, while helping you stay out of the penalty box. We’ll plan out a personalized compliance strategy and monitor your company’s standing to help you sleep better at night.
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